Case Dimensions
BC LITHIUM BATTERIES have the same size and polarity of traditional standard batteries. The range BC LITHIUM BATTERIES can replace over 80% of motorcycle batteries on the market! Click here to find the right battery for your motorbike or ATV.

Copper Battery Terminals
Terminali Batteria in RameCopper has a conductivity 10 times higher than lead. The use of copper terminals contributes to minimizing the internal resistance, ensuring an excellent cranking performance (discharge rate up to 50C).

Battery State of Charge - LED Indicator
Pulsante Test Stato di Carica BatteriaAll BC LITHIUM BATTERIES are provided with a button for checking the battery voltage.

3 LED > 13.15 V Battery charged and ready for cranking
2 LED > 12.80 V Battery ready for cranking, charging recommended
1 LED < 12.80 V Battery discharged, recharge before use

BMS - Battery Management System
A sophisticated electronic circuit (EMC & RoHS Compliance) ensures that the battery cells are charged and discharged in a balanced way during operation.

4 cells, 3.2V each, nominal voltage 12.8 V
The nominal battery voltage is similar to the one of traditional lead/acid batteries.

Adapters and Mounts
ForSpessori e Supporti Batterie  some batteries, in order to occupy the same space as corresponding lead/acid batteries, some plastic supports or adhesive adapters are provided, for a safe and stable battery mounting on board.

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